The committee members are as follows:

Trella Mott - Chairperson

Marlene Straughan - Principal of MDHS

Stark Brumley Martin - MDHS Boosters Vice President

Amy Fortenberry

Shaunn Alderman

Brooke Goulder

Sarah Herrick - Liaison for Community Trust

Catherine Craven - Event Chair for Centennial Celebration

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Charitable Trust

The Mount Dora Community Trust agreed to set up a fund under their umbrella for this project specifically, at the request of the Stadium Committee. It is titled "The MDHS Stadium Improvement Fund," and is given 501(c)(3) status as a tax deductible philanthropic project.


There is a legal agreement in place that funds raised can only be spent to repair the MDHS stadium.

If the overall goal is not met, we will still be doing everything we can to repair the facility. However, the plan is to keep fundraising until we can follow through with all plans.

The Community Trust is not charging fees for this project.