The Importance of MDHS' Stadium to Mount Dora

The MDHS Stadium and field have been bringing people together for more than 60 years. After celebrating its centennial last year, now is the perfect time to give our stadium the update it needs so it can continue to serve our Hurricane students and families for decades to come.

Old Mount Dora High School stadium bleachers and box.Rendering of the new Mount Dora High School stadium.
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Newspaper clipping showing a diagram of the proposed Mount Dora Community Bowl.
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The History of MDHS' Community Bowl

The stadium is a gathering place to show school school spirit. It brings the MDHS community together for assemblies, meets, games, events, and graduations. Our goal is that the future children of Mount Dora will be able to enjoy the stadium as much as those before them. Helping to renovate the stadium and bringing it up to current safety and aesthetic standards will allow the stadium to be enjoyed by many graduating classes to come.

Newspaper article clipping about the construction of the Mount Dora Community Bowl.

The Community Bowl is Constructed

The stadium was designated in 1962 and took the place of what was once desolate wasteland in Mount Dora. Over the last 60 years, the stadium has served as an event space for the students, families, and alumni of Mount Dora High School.

Old Mount Dora High School stadium bleachers and box.
1962 - c. 2010

track meets and sporting events are held at the bowl

The stadium serves student athletes, families, and students taking physical education classes. However, over time the bowl begins to deteriorate. While it receives some “quick fixes”, it never becomes fully remodeled leading to a slow decline in quality over decades of continued use.

As the field’s turf and asphalt track begin to receive more wear and tear, they no longer meet regulated standards. Mount Dora High School has no choice but to stop allowing track meets and football games at home, as they are a safety risk.

Students pose with their diplomas at the 2022 Mount Dora High School graduation ceremony on the football field.


On one of the most special and important days of their lives, the Mount Dora High School stadium has seen countless graduates receive their diplomas. In the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the outdoor graduation was particularly helpful in allowing students the ability to gather safely to celebrate their accomplishment.

Old Mount Dora High School concession stand.

the mdhs improvement fund project is started

As the quality of the bowl continues to deteriorate, the MDHS Stadium Committee coordinates with the Mount Dora Community Trust to create a 501(c)(3) tax deductible philanthropic project known as the “MDHS Stadium Improvement Fund” in order to raise donations to help revive the stadium.

The Lake County School Board is limited in their donating power to the project, so the committee seeks donations from parents, alumni and business owners in order to help give the stadium the renovation is deserves.

Mount Dora High School football field with new turf

over $1,000,000 raised and FIRST PART OF phase 1 is completed

After the community banded together to raise over $1,000,000 through the MDHS Stadium Improvement Fund, Phase 1 of the project gets underway.

The football field, which once had unsafe turf that was not up to regulated standards, has been updated. The newly returfed field gives the football team and other student athletes the ability to play home games at the stadium once more.

The beautification of the stadium makes the community feel a sense of price in the bowl again. However, there is still work to be done for the remainder of Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Rendering of the new Mount Dora High School stadium.

the committee seeks donations to renovate the track & other amenities

The stadium has already been able to host home games for the 2022-2023 season, and the project is very successful.

The remainder of Phase 1 aims to improve the concession stand, bleachers, and press box. Phase 2 aims to resurface the track, removing the asphalt and rubberizing it for student safety.

The Stadium Improvement Committee still seeks donations to complete the project to restore the bowl and bring all amenities up to the standards the students deserve!

With your help, we can finish this community project and help revive MDHS for our present and future students!
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Meet our Committee

Headed by Mount Dora Mayor, Crissy Stile, the MDHS Stadium Committee handles the day-to-day operations of the Stadium Improvement Project. As educators, community leaders, athletes, parents, and alumni, the project is meaningful to each of them.

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Crissy Stile, Mayor of Mount Dora

Crissy Stile

Mayor of Mount Dora
Marlene Straughan headshot

Marlene Straughan

Principal of MDHS
Brooke Goulder headshot

Brooke Goulder

Lake County Educator
Ouida Stark Brumley-Martin headshot

Ouida Stark Brumley-Martin

Class of 1983
Shaunn Alderman headshot

Shaunn Alderman

Class of 1979
Randy Hulette headshot

Randy Hulette

Class of 1980
Amy Fortenberry headshot

Amy Fortenberry

MDHS Parent
“My goal is to continue the vision of my father for this bowl.” -Brooke goulder
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