Rendering Croped 1.jpg
  • School Board has pledged to remedy field drainage December 2021.

  • This fundraiser will remodel buildings including:

    • concessions and appliances

    • fixing plumbing and bathrooms

    • press box

    • landscape

    • paint bleachers

    • provide a permanent endowment fund for future maintenance to supplement what the school board does.

Phase 1 total is $1 Million

Turf Rendering.PNG

Upgrade field drainage to be permanently sustainable for another 60 years and install artificial turf.

  • The artificial turf is necessary to allow for student population growth. Soccer and football need additional practice area and cannot currently use the field with sod as it tears it up.

  • Cost analysis for turf has proved it more cost effective for maintenance. No more brown spots or pot holes in the field.

  • Newest turf has proven increased player safety

Phase 2 total is $750,000


Bring the track up to regulation so we can hold meets again. No meets have taken place at home in over 10 years. 

  • Adding additional lanes.

  • Rubberizing. No more asphalt. Player safety and long term joint damage requires it.

  • To do this the light posts have to be pushed back and bleachers adjusted.


Phase 3 total is $1 Million

Plans for Upgraded Community Bowl at MDHS